Welcome to Potumpedia
Welcome to Potumpedia, the Toram Online Database. As of right only maps and monster drops are available. Soon More functions will be added. OwO//

8/1/2016 Added Map Data up to Gravel Terrace.

5/16/2016 Added New Map Data. I was very busy working 7 days a week. Thanks for coming. :)

3/2/2016 Added New Map Data. Moonlight Potum element unconfirmed yet. Monster like mini boss may have element resistance so sometimes its hard to test.

2/6/2016 Added New Map Data. New Map Drops "Spider Silk" is no longer the material for Leather Armor. The old spider silk is renamed to "Spider Thread" which is the material for Leather Armor.

1/15/2016 Added B. B. Goblin drop list to Rinom Plains.

12/27/2015 Added the new map drop list. Hope you had a happy Xmas.

12/06/2015 Added the missing map drop list. Been very busy lately, but things will come slowly. Hope everyone is doing well and thanks for coming even though the update is slow. X3

11/26/2015 Added crab boss drops and 2 of the new field map drop list. The other new map will be added later. Equipment data have been gathered so I will work on that some time after that.
I have been working on another project and learning a lot of new things along the way. (Bootstrip and AngularJS) Hope I can make thing site look better and a better database design after finishing that.

10/28/2015 Added Source Link for items drop in items section. Use it to look for monster who drops the same item. Going to add a search button and still working on equipment data.

10/25/2015 Added New Map Nehelo Swamp and New Moon Palace. To kill Moonlight Potum, it is better to get someone who can always flinch it. I also got my Serial Code from the Guide Book.
It is not bad since it is a guarantee Light Blue Minion Knight Body and Lower for around $12 USD.

10/17/2015 Been very busy lately but I am back to updating the site owo. Updated map Yorl Highlands. Added a bit of information on Halloween.
Equipment Data will take a few more days to be done. Haven't had time to improve the look of the site yet.

10/10/2015 Added new map.

10/6/2015 Working on Equipment data before working on looks. Also Anyone whos interested to buy the Guide Book For the EX Avatar Heres the link from toram offical website.

The Book http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B015EKHY6S and google "How to order from amazon japan" or http://cdn.halcyonrealms.com/japan/how-to-order-from-amazon-japan-a-detailed-buying-guide/ This one seems old from 2010 but you get the idea.
P.S I am not responsible to what happen to you when you buy the Book. I am simply post info about it. Good Day owo/. Going to try to buy later X3.

10/5/2015 Added Item List with sell and process amount. Crysta stats add its abit cramped right now, and is thinking of a new design QwQ\. Any comments or corrections to the site to my gmail is welcomed. Thanks.

10/4/2015 Incase anyone want to contact me. You can contact me on potumpedia@gmail.com owo/

10/2/2015 Corrected some elements and item category typo X3. Xtal List and stats coming oxo.

Contact Me At potumpedia@gmail.com