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Halloween Event is here. The best way to get Jack-o' -Lanterns is by making a Pumpkin Mask at Sofya Blacksmith and wear it.
Otherwise you only get 2 a day from emblem. owo/ The drop rate is low, so it is better to farm it at spawn spots with wall.
The event item from Blacksmiths are

Pumpkin Mask
DEF 10
MaxHP +100

Lollipop Staff
ATK 35 (60%)
Light Element
MaxMP +100
Natural HP Regen +3%

Halloween Bat
ATK 20 (70%)
Wind Element
Attack MP Recovery +2
Magic Pierce +1%

Halloween Garb
DEF 20
Attack MP Recovery +1%
Stability +1%
Physical Resistance +1%
Magic Resistance +1%